Here are some of the most frequent enquiries we receive regarding booking and how we go about working with you



Q. Are there any other costs apart from your package fees?
A. Our quoted prices include everything required to execute our activities on site, including all equipment and PA system – you simply need to set aside space for us to do it in. The only other charge we make is for events more than 50 miles away from our base in Ayrshire. We then charge £0.50/mile to cover fuel costs. Ferry costs where required will be at cost.


Q. Is it cheaper to book you for a half day or to do only two shows?
A. No. Our charges are per day, and we can do up to three shows in that day. Because of our travel, set-up and break-down times, we can only undertake one event per day.


 Q. Can we find a sponsor for your show or rebrand it with our own logos?
A. Yes. We can rebrand with new logos. We often do this and can provide you with the costs to do so. Either provide us with your artwork or we can supply your designers with templates for car wrapping. Please note it is your responsibility to find a sponsor and secure the necessary funds. 



Q. Can you provide adequate health and safety paperwork?
A. Yes of course. We have public liability insurance which covers displays and activities including the public. On confirmation of your booking, we will provide you with our detailed health and safety guidelines which also includes the risk assessments for our activities.


Q. Can you provide us with marketing materials?
A. Yes. We can provide high resolution photos for your brochures and press releases and can also provide videos  from our media library to help you secure funding, sponsorship or approval.


Q. Can you do your show in bad weather?
A. Yes. Come rain or shine our show can go on.


Q. Our event site is limited in space,  what are your space requirements?
A. We need a 10m x 50m area of tarmac. Send us a site plan of the areas you have to work with.


Q. Can we use your PA system and maybe even your area for other features?
A. Yes. We are happy for you to use our powerful sound system.